Moroccan Mystery

Avon Books, New York (with illustrations by Thomas McKean)


“…a very funny, well-plotted mystery in an exotic setting. Mystery readers will love it.”

                                                                        SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“…entertaining story of fast-moving events… McKean’s pictures are neat, in-formative illustrations of locales…”

                                                                        PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

”I think this is the best in this series about Teasdale, Leo, and Beth. When I was small, my parents rented a house in Maine for a week but it rained and there was absolutely nothing to do. Then I found this book in the house and I was the happiest kid in the world... A lot of kids' books written in the 80s about Morocco would be full of weird racist crap, but not this one. Hats off to McKean”.        

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(Posted 18 February, 2005)


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