Into the Candlelit Room

(with decorations & calligraphy by Thomas McKean)

G.P. Putnam’s, New York


“A master storyteller serves up five creepy tales.”



“Five interlocking stories sometimes shock, and sometimes shiver… Shim-meringly creepy.”



“For more truly frightening moments, check out Into the Candlelit Room, a collection of related stories. The best of them, the title story, is a modern fable of temptation. Middle-school readers might not sufficiently appreciate the degree to which McKean captures adolescent self-absorption, but they will shrink from the clever ways in which a computer savvy devil works his wiles on young Vladimir Mikula.”



“Far more subtle, and thus even creepier, are the five stories in this book. In the title story, young Vladimir Mikula talks about life as a poor boy attending a fancy prep school… The ending is a dandy. ‘Caring’ offers a bone-chilling encounter with a psychopath. ‘Before Thanksgiving’ is a chilling little story of some college students’ visit to a fortune-teller. And ‘Lily’ offers the frightening notion that insanity is contagious…”



+ Voted one of the best books of the year 2000 in a survey by students sponsored by the Children’s Book Council

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